Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ahamefula II, 09 09 09...of our times and generation

Ahamefula; is about our times and generation, it is about movement, it’s about revolution, emancipation, human development and discoveries, civilization clashes and neocon upsurge, cultural conflicts, moral and ethical bias, spirituality and the society, apocalyptic nightmares and the hopes for a new enlightenment. This exhibition is mirroring the beginning of time and man. How and why is entangled in the game of time how we believe that we can rule time, besides the sympathetic truth that time has been set to rule man, how much that man has done in the beginning and now manipulating time and how that we end up entangling ourselves.
In the beginning of time man was to live eternal was to live as long as time, if we desire eternity as humans, who gave us these desire: the desires of eternity. Man desires to live beyond time even in our death (the pharaoh’s greatest desire).
Who left the desires of eternity in us? There must be a connection between our desires to be eternal and eternity, but whose desire was time fulfilling and whose desire was man fulfilling when he dies.
If in the past, man’s greatest desire was to live time, through time and beyond time, how smart are we now; now that we have consciously made time so fast, we are living in the greatest virtual space in seconds times of man, the fastest era in the history of man, we are experiencing the X age, internet Age, when man travels in virtual space in seconds speeds to their destination, we have technologies that transfer information in less seconds, we communicate with the fastest telecommunication system in time…
My interest to work on time has driven me to study fashion trends, scientific developments, technological advancements, societal norms, believes and values; we are living in the age of imagination already, human experiences have gradually moved from static to spatial, we live more inside ourselves, we live in a society that encourages self gratification, self satisfaction, self and self…community is gradually vanishing from our vocabularies…our times are selfish, we live in an age of selfishness…
Time like I have always said is what stops everything from happening at the same time…time is what is between today and tomorrow, time is between you and me meeting time will also death, time is what life and death, time is what is between you and meeting and time also be between me and you parting…time was before we came, time is taking us to the unknown…where is unknown of time, will time remain unknown when we get to the unknown?

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